PLCnext Runtime

PLCnext Control firmware was introduced briefly in the previous chapter. PLCnext Control firmware features can be broadly categorised as either:

  1. Features commonly available on general-purpose Linux distributions, or
  2. Features developed by Phoenix Contact, that are not available on other Linux distributions.

The second group of features includes:

  • commands like update-plcnext and recover-plcnext that you saw previously, and
  • software components that are started and controlled by the PLCnext runtime.

This chapter will look at:

  • Controlling the PLCnext runtime
  • PLCnext components
  • Component instances
  • Disabling features of the PLCnext runtime

You will see the acronym Arp used extensively throughout this chapter. Arp is short for Automation Runtime Platform, and is another name for the PLCnext runtime.