Other Programming Tools

So far we have been using the PLCnext CLI from the command-line, and using an integrated development environment (IDE) like Visual Studio Code simply to edit source files.

For those who prefer to use either Visual Studio (on Windows) or Eclipse IDE (on Windows or Linux), Phoenix Contact provides the following tools with each PLCnext CLI installation:

  • A PLCnext extension for Visual Studio (Windows only).

  • A PLCnext add-in for Eclipse IDE (Windows and Linux).

By using these tools, it is possible to perform most PLCnext CLI functions from within the IDE.

As well as assisting with C++ development for PLCnext Control devices, the Visual Studio extension also includes tools for writing C# code that targets the ECLR.

The use of these tools is described extensively in the PLCnext Info Center, and will not be covered in this book.